Changing Public IP from the Mikrotik router

Dear Team,

I have recently changed the public IP address on my Mikrotik router, and I would like to ensure that my service remains connected to Powerlynx. Can you please guide me through the necessary steps that I should take within the Powerlynx portal and on my Mikrotik router to achieve this? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hello, if you are using the “Wireguard” connection type, it shouldn’t impact your link between the router and Powerlynx. To confirm the status of your Wireguard connection, please check this value under Wireguard/Peers:

The “Last Handshake” value should be dynamic and ideally less than 2 minutes.

Alternatively, if you are using the “Public IP” connection type, just change the “IP address” and the “NAS type” fields of this router(hotspot) in Powerlynx with the correct IP address:


Thanks @mike I see it’s still working :pray: :pray:

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