Clarification on Configuring Multiple Hotspot Sites with Powerlynx

Dear Powerlynx Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I have a query regarding the configuration process for multiple hotspot sites using Mikrotik routers in different locations.

Should I configure both the Powerlynx portal and Mikrotik devices separately for each location, or is it sufficient to replicate the initial configuration on the Mikrotik devices only?

Your guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Gerald Peter

Hello Peter,

We highly recommend using separate routers for each location. The ideal setup is as follows:

You have ‘Location 1’ running with ‘Hotspot 1’ and ‘Hotspot 2,’ which are two separate routers, and you have ‘Location 2’ with routers ‘Hotspot 3’ and ‘Hotspot 4’ accordingly.

In this case, ‘Hotspot 1’ can’t be used in ‘Location 2.’

Of course, you can experiment with your setup and use one physical router as two virtual hotspots in Powerlynx. For this, you’ll need to create two Wireguard interfaces, two hotspot servers, and one RADIUS server on your Mikrotik but we recommend using the proposed approach.


Thanks for for your good answer @mike