Feature voting and Feature Roadmap

Good day

I am a current client and user of Powerlynx or the last month.
I do understand that Powerlynx are still in its early days and that new features are planned and added as it seems fit…

Would you consider adding a voting option for paying customers that might help us communicate to you which features are more important to us, etc?

Would you consider sharing a “feature development roadmap” with your clients so that we have an estimated time of completion for the planned features?

Will you communicate via email as new features are implemented on the Powerlynx Cloud Servers?

I personally, eagerly await the customization of the splash pages. Can you give us an indication when this feature is planned to be implemented please?



We’ve recently created a public roadmap, which you can check out by visiting https://powerlynx.featurebase.app/roadmap.
Take a look and let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

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Hello why i cant see a gcash integration or xendit.co in roadmap? I already email for this and also posted it on forum.


We have created two cards on our feature requests map - Gcash or Philippines Local Bank Payment Gateway Integration - #2 by mike