Fortigate router support


Is there support for Fortigate routers?
How should I configure it? For example models 40F/60F

Good day. Accordingly to these specifications 40F 60F, unfortunately, these models don’t support RADIUS protocol (which is required) for a direct connection with Powerlynx. Still, it can be connected as an access point to a MikroTik router connected to Powerlynx, which should work.

Hi, strange to hear.
Fortigate 40F / 60F work with radius well even on custom ports
I have it working with usermanager from Mikrotik even

Hi, I apologize for the misunderstanding. As I mentioned earlier, according to these specifications (40F and 60F) these models don’t support the RADIUS protocol, which is required. We haven’t tested these devices with Powerlynx. However, if you’re certain that these devices work well with the RADIUS protocol, Wireguard (optional), or if you have a public IP, you can test it. You can use the trial period for 21 days (check this link). Although we have added this topic to “Feature requests” to know how many customers want integration with Fortigate devices. Let me know if you have any questions.


Seems like it is related to older versions.
Anyway on screenshot you can see this item:

We have Location created and our IPs are set according to manual:

But can not reach RADIUS server even with radping tool

And a link also: