Integrated status page

Good day

Kindly consider displaying a status page when a active clients, with active vouchers, connect to the hotspot.

For example, if we sell a 10GB voucher that is valid for a week, the clients cannot currently determine how much data they have available on their data plan. When browsing, watching multimedia content, clients will need to “guestimate” the amount of data that they used.

The status.html page only shows the data used during the current session and does not show the values as a “remainder”. Each time a client reconnects, the values gets reset afaik…

Furthermore, to communicate the link of a status page on a public hotspot would be quite challenging and to expect a “non-technical” client to know or remember to browse to “” might also not yield the best results.

Kindly tell us if this feature is planned as I personally see this as a crututial “self-help” feature.



I submitted a feature request at

We will evaluate the request and plan its development.

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