Mikrotik Walled Garden

Having the correct Walled Garden hosts on your Mikrotik Hotspot is essential for the proper functioning of Powerlynx.

It is crucial to maintain the following Walled Garden hosts:

Your Powerlynx URL, e.g., one.powerlynx.app

Another one is *.digitaloceanspaces.com. This Walled Garden record allows connections to DigitalOcean to load logos for splash pages.

While these two previous Walled Garden hosts are required, you might need to add additional hosts here in case you are using one of the available payment systems.

For example, if you are using the PayPal payment system in Powerlynx, you need to add another Walled Garden record with this host - *paypal*. If you use Payfast, then add this record - *payfast*.

So, if you use the PayPal payment gateway in Powerlynx, your list of Walled Garden rules should look like this:

/ip hotspot walled-garden
add dst-host=*.digitaloceanspaces.com
add dst-host=*paypal*
add dst-host=*betacdn.net
add dst-host=myurl.powerlynx.app
add dst-host=*.akamaiedge.net

If you use the Stripe payment gateway in Powerlynx, your list of Walled Garden rules should look like this:

/ip hotspot walled-garden
add dst-host=*.cloudfront.net
add dst-host=*.fastly.net
add dst-host=*.fontawesome.com*
add dst-host=*arcot.com*
add dst-host=*.digitaloceanspaces.com
add dst-host=*stripe*
add dst-host=*gstatic*
add dst-host=*.powerlynx.app
add dst-host=hcaptcha.com
add dst-host=*.akamaiedge.net
add dst-host=*secure*
add dst-host=*.google.com

Thank you for the instruction @mike


Payfast walled garden hosts
It is crucial to enable connections to various banks in South Africa, as Payfast redirects customers to the 3D authentication page during the payment process.

/ip hotspot walled-garden
add dst-host=*.digitaloceanspaces.com
add dst-host=*.powerlynx.app
add dst-host=*payfast*
add dst-host=*.fnb.co.za
add dst-host=.api.ravepay.co
add dst-host=*.bankserv.co.za
add dst-host=*.cardinalcommerce.com
add dst-host=*.capitecbank.co.za
add dst-host=*oppwa.com
add dst-host=*.absa.co.za
add dst-host=*.africanbank.co.za
add dst-host=*.bidvestbank.co.za
add dst-host=*.fnb.co.za
add dst-host=*.investec.com
add dst-host=*.nedbank.co.za
add dst-host=*.sasfin.co.za
add dst-host=*.standardbank.co.za
add dst-host=*.ubank.co.za
add dst-host=dsecureprd.fnb.co.za
add dst-host=acs.nedsecure.co.za
add dst-host=*ctpe.net
add dst-host=*ppipe.net
add dst-host=secure.stitch.money
add dst-host=ol.css
add dst-host=ipapi.co
add dst-host=3dsecureprd.fnb.co.za