Payment gateway query

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I am in the process of connecting Pay@ onto Powerlynx. I just want to find out. Once they have selected the voucher and paid for it via the payment gateway on the splash page.
Would their device automatically connect?
Or will a Voucher code be SMS’s to them or displayed on the screen?

Hi Marius,

First, the customer needs to select the desired plan from the splash page. Once the plan is selected, the customer can proceed to the payment page and choose the Pay@ option. On the payment page, the customer can select the preferred payment method, such as credit card or 1Voucher, etc. If the customer selects the 1Voucher option, they will be redirected to a page where they need to insert the 16-digit voucher pin number:

If the voucher code is correct and valid, the customer will be allowed to use the Internet.

Thanks for the reply Mike. If the customer had to pay via Credit Card using Pay@ for example.
Once the payment is made, would they receive a voucher code via SMS or as a pop up on the screen?

Or would someone still have to print and physically give them a voucher?

We are trying to avoid voucher printing, so we basically want to know if they pay via the payment gateway if they will receive a voucher number automatically from the batch.

Hello Marius,

The customer no longer needs to manually insert voucher details for credit card payments as the voucher will be automatically generated.

Thank you Mike. Will try it out and let you know if there are any issues.

Please click this link to view the credit card payment user journey.- Frequently asked questions | Powerlynx