Setup vlan not per Ap


so readying over the docs, i only see a way to router and the wifi off that router. we use mikrotik routers at our sites and engenius ap or unifi thought our sites(hotels). the gest network is on a vlan, is there a way to get this softwear working as someone uses the guest network it gose to the Tik and hits the splash page?


Nerver mind, got it working, time to test this out

Hello, I’m glad to hear that you managed to make it work.

Many of our clients have a similar setup, where they use multiple VLANs and multiple hotspot servers on a single router.

Essentially, they create a VLAN, and all customer connections come through that VLAN. The hotspot server operates on the interface of that VLAN.

Please share your solution here, as it could benefit others.