TP-Link NX510v and TP-Link Archer MR600

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Wanted to find out if the powerlynx system will work on the TP-Link NX510v and TP-Link Archer MR600.

Do you also support the Huawei routers on your system.


Based on my observation, these routers do not support RADIUS, Hotspot, and Wireguard. This means you can’t use them as a “Hotspot controller” connected to Powerlynx. However, you can use them as access points connected to a Hotspot controller like Mikrotik or Cambium, and then connect this hotspot controller to Powerlynx.

We recommend using Mikrotik devices as Hotspot controllers since they are relatively inexpensive and our system is well integrated with Mikrotik.

Our clients typically use Mikrotik as a hotspot controller. They connect the hotspot to Powerlynx following the guide at How to connect your Mikrotik with Powerlynx: | Powerlynx. They then connect their access points (APs) such as TP-Link, Ubiquiti, etc., to Mikrotik using VLANs and set up a hotspot server on each VLAN interface.