WiFi Hotspot Management and POS Integration

I’m Thabo Mahwibila, founder of Rebane Connect, a WiFi hotspot company serving public spaces, restaurants, and hotels. We’re keen to optimize our hotspot management and integrate with point of sale (POS) systems for seamless customer experience.

We’re interested in:

  1. WiFi hotspot management solutions, including network monitoring and user authentication.
  2. POS integration for voucher redemption and payment processing.
  3. Additional features enhancing WiFi hotspot functionality.

Could Powerlynx help us achieve these goals? We’d love to discuss potential collaboration further

Hello Thabo,

I appreciate your interest in Powerlynx!

Powerlynx is a platform that allows you to verify your customers, accept payments, track their usage, and terminate their sessions when they reach the limit. We don’t currently integrate with POS systems, but we might consider it in the future.

Our current focus is on developing features like customizable splash pages, payment gateways, and ad modules.

To learn more about Powerlynx, you can check out the helpful links below: